Jamia Masjid Anwaremadina Huddersfield


Anware Madina Mosque is developing a high standard of Islamic education, which will be established soon Insha-Allah, as a set curriculum. Please make du`a it is successful.

Holiday:  There wouldn't be any classes for the students on the following dates

1.  Tuesday 14th Jan 2014  Eid Milad

2.Friday 13th June 2014 Shabe Baraat

3.Thursday 24th July 2014 Shab e Qadar

4. Friday    25th July 2014 Shab e Qadar

5. Monday 28th July Eid ul Fitr

6. Tuesday 29th July Eid ul Fitr

7. Wednesday 30th July Eid ul Fitr

8. Friday 3rd Oct 2014 Hajj

9. Monday 6th Oct 2014 Eil ul Adha

10. Tuesday 7th Oct 2014 Eil ul Adha

11. Tuesday 4th November 2014 Ashurah

Our Education Policy

Aims and Objectives: To teach young children basic Islamic knowledge which enables them to follow their daily basic duties according to the Sharia and become good citizens who can live with peace and harmony in a multicultural society. We hope that the following four parties will do their best to achieve the set objectives Insha Allah.


1. Insha Allah the Education committee will make sure that:

A clean room with adequate ventilation, good light, reasonable temperature and tables are provided to each class.

B. The Masjid’s main doors are opened during the lesson time.

C. Parents are made aware of any changes (holiday, timing, fee etc) through a letter or verbally.

D. A record of each child (name, phone number, address or any issues) is kept confidential within the Masjid.

E. The child is safe, secure and cared for in the Masjid.

F. The children are not abused, harassed, bullied, threatened or assaulted by other children or adults in the Masjid premises.

G. At least one of the staff has been given first-aid training and a first aid box (with an easy access) is available in each room.

H. At least one of the staff is trained to follow set procedures in the case of emergency (fire etc).

I. All children and the staff are aware of fire exits, assembly points, location of fire extinguishers and the alarm switches.

J. All teaching staff’s CRB is obtained and checked by the head of education.

K. Contact/call/meet parent or guardian of those childen who misbehave, disrupt the teaching or bully others or damage anything in the Masjid.

We are in a process of making a planner and syllabus for children instead of progress sheet.

Please note: The committee and the teachers will not take any responsibility when a child has left the Masjid premises. It is parents’ responsibility to collect their children as soon as they leave the Masjid premises.


2.  Insha Allah the teachers will make sure that:

A. Good education is provided according to the syllabus prepared for each class.

B. Children’s education is assessed periodically and a written report is given to the parents.

C. Every child is learning according to his/her age range and ability in each lesson.

I. Each child and the teacher are safe in the Masjid premises [BULLYING IS NOT ALLOWED AT ALL]

D. Begin and end the lesson on time.

E. Each child is individual and treated with respect.

F. The Masjid committee is aware of any issues regarding children's safety and learning or serious behaviour problems.

G. The register is marked for each lesson and the fee is collected every month.

H. The children are with wudhu and wearing clean (paak) clothes.

I. All incidents/disruptive behaviour/serious issues are recorded and education committee is informed and necessary actions (detention, contact parent, change classes, isolation, exclusion-temporary or permanent) are taken accordingly.

3. Insha Allah the parent/s will:

A. Provide the background information of the child including age, address, phone number, any health problems (if any) and/or any learning or behaviour issues.

B. Bring children to the Masjid on time and take them back on time (leaving too early or picking up too late can be a big risk for child’s safety).

C. Provide necessary books (Qaidah, Siparah, other Islamic books, papers, stationery or funds for these resources).

D. Pay child’s fee at the beginning of each month (current fee is £13 per month)

E. Not enter in the class without an appointment during the lesson time and not show any disrespect to the teachers or any child in the Masjid (any issues should be discussed with the committee or ring 07579415828 or send an E-mail at [email protected]

F. Pay the cost of the damage done by the child in the Masjid (we hope this will not happen).

G. Send children to the Masjid wearing correct uniform (white Jubba for boys and Jilbab for girls)

H. will (in the case of bad weather-snow, storm or flood etc) contact the Masjid 01484 421236 or Imam 07791032998 or the committee 07579415828 to ask if the Masjid is open or not.

3. Insha Allah the students will:

A. Follow teacher's instructions.

B. Not disrupt others' learning.

C. Not waste his/her own or others time during the lesson.

D. Not damage anything in the Masjid e.g. don't write on the walls, don't leave the water taps open, don't throw toilet paper roles or shoes in the toilets etc.

E. Not leave the class without teacher’s permission.

F. Do H/W everyday/week or when it is set.

G. Complete all the tasks set in the lesson e.g. learn Tajweed, Namaz, Duas, meaning and Fiqh rules etc.

H. Come to the Masjid with clean uniform and with Wudhu.

I. Sit where told to sit or move according to the instructions

J. Not make noise (scream/shout) at any time in the Masjid.

K. Show respect for all staff (teachers) and other children.

L. Not bring any mobile phones, any games, chewing gum, rubber bands or anything which can cause disruption in the lesson or it is hazardous.

N. Not BULLY other children or adults. Bullying will not be tolerated towards any member of the masjid, at all. 

Current Classes
Classes for BOYS

1) Hifz class for boys (clas MNA)

2) Basic Quaidah age 4,5,6 (class IPA)

3) Basic Tajweed age 7,8 (class NAZ)

4) Basic Tajweed age 9, 10 (class MAH)

5) Ghazali project Islamic Education in depth and Tajweed age 11+ (class NAF

 Classes for GIRLS

Classes for BOYS

1) Basic Quaidah age 4,5,6 (class NBE)

2) Basic Tajweed age 7,8 (class NAK)

3) Basic Tajweed age 9, 10 (class SBA)

4) Ghazali project Islamic Education in depth and Tajweed age 11, 12 (class SIQ)

5) Ghazali project Islamic Education in depth and Tajweed age 13+ (class ZIQ)

Class timetable

Mon to Fri. 16:30 to 18:30  (currently classes finish earlier 18:00 because of building work)

Adult classess for sisters in English are run on Every Sunday 13:00pm to 15:00pm

Adult classes for sisters in Urrdu are run on every Monday and Tuesday, from 10:00am to 12:00pm.  (https://anwaremadina.webs.com/contactus.htm)